As we approach this great challenge, prayer must be the foundation for all that we decide. Please use this Prayer Guide as we join together in continuous prayer for God’s leadership and wisdom.

A Vision for Our City: 2018 to Now

Listen to Pastor Noe covering the background of ‘It Is Time’, featuring architectural renderings of the future buildings.


Church begins July 9


First building purchased and Pastor called


Church expands, builds more buildings


Moves to location on N Central Ave


Dr. Richard Jackson called as Pastor with a passion for the lost and a heart for the city


Church purchases 40 acres at Central Ave and Bethany Home


Church moves into new location Christmas Day


More than 1000 people baptized every year for 10 consecutive years


Pastor Yeary called as senior pastor


Worship Center Renovation


Pastor Noe called as Senior Pastor

Why it's time

Our Bold Step #4 is firmly planted in God’s Word and our deep desire to maximize the potential of our location and our facilities to reach the community for Jesus in the years to come. Specifically, we want to be a church known for lovingly serving families and their children as well as high school and college students. With first-class facilities, maximized use of our property, and a location in the heart of the city, NPHX will be a church that invites people to visit and engage in Connect Groups, Bible Study, and community gatherings and events. This campus has long been a lighthouse and a landmark where people can find Jesus. We see this every week as people are saved here and then walk in faith to strive to know God more deeply.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens... a time to tear down and a time to build.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3


What is the mission of NPHX

Our mission is to reach and equip people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, throughout the Valley and around the world.

What is the strategic plan to accomplish our mission and vision?

We have established 5 Bold Steps that we will take to live out our mission and vision for our church and our city.

How do we plan to fund the It Is Time vision?

We plan to raise these funds through a capital campaign with a three-year giving commitment period which will begin Spring 2023.

How much will the renovation cost?

The estimate is $20 million. $15 million will be raised through contributions and the remaining $5 million from the property sale.

How long is the commitment period?

A financial commitment may be paid out weekly, monthly, or yearly over a three-year period or as a one-time donation. The campaign will also accept appreciated assets of tangible value through the assistance of the Finance Committee.

Is this campaign a part of those Bold Steps?

Yes. This campaign is helping us attain Bold Step 4: “We will maximize the potential of our location and our facilities to reach our community for Jesus in the years to come.”

Why is the renovation necessary?

The present facilities are 45-50 years old and call for attention and repair. There is also a desire to improve our street appeal, our parking, and our ability to create community for our people. Also, the desire is to have a first-rate preschool and kids facility to better reach and equip the families of our community (Bold Step 1).

How much is each family expected to give?

No one is being asked to give a specific amount. The amount you give will be a matter between you and God. We are emphasizing equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. This recognizes that people have been financially blessed to different degrees. The amount you give should be a matter of prayer. Everyone is being asked to pray this prayer, “Lord, what do you want to do through me?” It is recognized that our dream will take a sacrifice on everyone’s part.

Will the renovation project put the church back into debt?

There will be no long-term debt incurred by the church. There may need to be a short-term construction loan as we begin the project. That loan will be paid as we raise money from the capital campaign.

Is NPHX going to repair or upgrade some of the aging infrastructure on our campus?

Yes, we will strategically renovate restrooms, paint and refurbish the exterior of buildings, update community areas, and also address general infrastructure on campus.

It Is Time Fundraising Progress Update


GET Involved!

Let’s be part of a great God story together. Lock arms and help people to know that there is a powerful God who loves us and He is working in a powerful way in the heart of our city. We are asking you to move forward in faith. Pray now that we will be faithful and committed to God’s calling at North Phoenix Church. As we move forward with this significant bold step and historic milestone for the church, it is imperative that we continue to seek God’s guidance follow His lead, we are going to be part of something great together.

Reach out

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